How to Apply BurnDr

Wound Care & Applications

BurnDr is the only topical burn treatment specifically developed for relieving pain, killing harmful bacteria and rapidly increasing heal time.

Immediate treatment of any wound is extremely important to lessen the chance of infection and scarring. It was once believed that keeping a wound uncovered, allowing it to get air, caused the wound to heal faster. Many studies since then have shown this is simply not the case. 

By allowing a wound to remain uncovered it gives it an increased chance of being exposed to bacteria and thus causing infection. Also when you allow a wound to scab over which comes from leaving it exposed. You are now at greater risk of leaving a visible scar behind.

Harmful Bacteria
Associated with Burns

There are 4 common bacteria associated with burns.  All of them are harmful and if left untreated can be life threatening.  Infections are serious and need to be treated immediately to avoid complications down the road.  BurnDr treats and kills these 4 types of bacteria along with many more.

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